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Asics GT 1000 8 G-TX Mens Graphite Grey

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Enjoy comfort with every stride with the men's GT-1000™ 8 G-TX waterproof running shoe, featuring FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology for a supremely lightweight quality that will make you feel as light as a feather. With GORE-TEX™ fabric for a waterproof quality, this ASICS running shoe guarantees a comfortable fit, with its GEL® technology to the rear providing high-density shock absorption to extend comfort over the distance. In addition, the EVA sockliner provides excellent cushioning and rebound, while keeping the foot stable. The TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® technology also works to improve stability in the mid-foot area, helping to control torsion with the contoured midsole. Meanwhile, a molded snow rubber outsole helps reduce damage from excessive wear, allowing you to run on most terrains with confidence and reassurance and extending the lifetime of the shoe. On top of providing comfort and stability, the GT-1000™ 8 G-TX running shoe also works to counteract overpronation with DUOMAX® technology, which imparts essential firmness to the midsole and arch. A standard width makes them accessible to most runners and is finished with a contemporary design.
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G-TX run-in

The G-TX will be my third Asics GT 1000's. Knowing that it is the right fit for my feet, I was comfortable to order it online. My existing GT-1000 7's have done 725km's with noticeable wear on the outer soles, but no discernable degeneration otherwise. Or so I thought.

Spotting the G-TX'e at a discount, I was bowled over by their looks (and price) and decided to buy them and keep them ready for when it is time.

Comparing the new with old, though, it felt as if the generation 7's heels have sagged substantially, so I decided to do an immediate change over to the G-TX'e.

A 3km morning walk, followed by a spirited 3km run the same evening, left me feeling very happy with my purchase. I realised I should reign myself in until the soles have adapted to my feet, as my heels still felt like it was walking 'on', rather than 'in' the soles. But I was sold on these new shoes and have not returned to my old ones again.

The front part feels stiffer than the 7's, which stands to reason given the more sturdy uppers. It is of no concern, though. I suspect the G-TX'e could be some 40 grams heavier than my 7's, but I nevertheless run as if they give me wings. Running in wet might make a discernable difference.

I have now done 6x runs = 36km and 4x walks = 16km (52km in total). My most recent run was first "long run" with them (sorry, 11km's is on the outer extremities of what I do) and my feet seem to have adapted to the new shoes.

Very happy with my purchase.