DP Hybrid I Pads (Senior)

Taller front pad and shorter back pad

The front pad is an inch taller than the back pad. This ensures sufficient protection on the front leg whilst removing unnecessary and bulky padding on the back leg which would only restrict movement.

Larger wing on front pad

‘Wing’ refers to the padding that protects the side of the leg. The wing section of the pad is designed to protect the calf. Cricket is a side-on game where the front leg takes most of the impact, therefore a larger wing is vital on the pad protecting the front leg. On the back leg the bigger wing is not needed. It will only make the pad unnecessarily bulkier and cause the pads to rub together when running and make running more difficult. A smaller wing allows for a more natural running style and a comfortable fit.

Removable padding

These pads come with extra protection removable inserts. This extra padding will give more  protection and can be inserted when required. Note it will make the pads more bulky and slightly heavier. Be careful when fitting or removing padding. Improper action may damage the pads.

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